Many students have never really learned how to study. Many students can survive in elementary and middle school without needing strong study skills. However in 8th grade or high school, students’ grades start to suffer as the content gets increasingly more difficult. Our study skills program includes any combination of the following depending on your child’s needs:

Time Management

This includes both long-term and short-term time management. Your child will learn to use his/her assignment notebook as an effective tool. Your child will learn to break large projects into smaller, manageable pieces, study for tests and quizzes at least 2 days before, schedule study time into their homework time, incorporate their personal calendar into their school calendar, write every assignment in their assignment notebook and turn in every assignment.


This includes organization of their physical materials. We’ll look at how their lockers, backpacks and home study areas are organized. We’ll look at things like color-coding folders and book covers. We’ll look at how they remember to get everything home, so they can do their homework each night.


This includes helping your child read a text book, pull out the important information and organize it in a meaningful manner. This is the first step to creating effective study guides from their text books. This skill allows them to discern between important concepts and details, an important skill for when they are in a lecture hall in college listening to a professor talk non-stop for an hour.

Study Skills

This includes teaching your child how to actually study for a test or quiz. Your child learns how to organize information, so it’s easy to remember for a test, quiz or even the final. In studying for tests, students will work on memory tricks that can be used with vocabulary words in every subject, lists of information, chronology of dates or significant events and the many other types of information needed in their classes. Students will also work on when to start studying for a test, quiz or final.

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